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About Us

About AdmitSuccess MBA

We don’t accept clients, we take on partners that share a common goal: Getting into Business School.

Our business model is built around your success.

We listen to you. We get to know your personal history and career aspirations. We validate your strengths and identify areas that need development. We get to know what makes you tick—and why.

We question you. We challenge your vision to ensure your career goals are not simply dreams with no basis in reality. We help you communicate your goals and values, but more important—we build enthusiasm for them.

We uncover character traits and experiences that you take for granted and use them in conjunction with your more obvious abilities to build the foundation of a winning business school profile. We address areas of weakness and failures directly and honestly so that you can bravely illustrate self-awareness and the confidence to affect change in yourself and others.

Some days you might consider us downright annoying, because we are committed to your MBA admissions success and know that you have a deadline to meet to submit your application. With all of the other obligations in your life it’s sometimes difficult to give your all to the often burdensome process of applying to business school — but you will, with our persistence and guidance.

Additionally, the team you work with also owns the company. We can think of no greater testament to our dedication, and dare we say, passion for your MBA admissions and career goals — than by working directly with you every step of the way. You will not be handed off to a part-time consultant, nor will you ever be more than one phone call or email away from having a question answered, or anxiety calmed. Our personal dedication to your MBA admissions success is the basis of our business model, and since 95 percent of our clients come to us through referrals, we are confident in our abilities and the results we can help you achieve when applying to business school.