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The MBA Resume

About the MBA Resume

INSEAD doesn’t ask for an MBA application resume because they provide business school applicants with two opportunities to describe their career progression in essay form. On the other end of the spectrum, MIT provides a specific MBA resume template to use. The great remainder of top MBA programs pretty much leave it up to the candidate to decide how their business school admissions resume should look, although most schools require a resume to be no more than one page.

MBA Resume Tips

While there is a diversity of opinion on what makes for a great MBA admissions resume, we at Admit Success adhere to the notion that the resume you submitted to land your last great job is not the one you’ll be submitting with your MBA application.

An effective MBA resume needs to efficiently accomplish four things:

  • Logically illustrate career progression, even in the case of a career transition.
  • Provide milestones that can be used as talking points in your letters of recommendation and/or MBA interview.
  • Introduce experiences that will appear in your essays or other parts of your business school application.
  • Emphasize “soft skills” through the use of actions verbs such as “led, managed, trained.”


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