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Talking- it’s still a thing!!



Talking- it’s still a thing!!

Although we live in a world where communication is increasingly enabled, if not amplified through social media, where we Tweet our innermost thoughts, “like” Facebook posts, SnapChat our latest meal and potentially meet our life-partner with the click of a button—do we still talk?

We do!

One of the trends we have noticed at Admit Success over the last and current admission season is the desire our clients have for something pretty outdated: a conversation.

And we completely agree- talking is important.

At Admit Success you are not limited to how many times we get on the phone to talk things out. Some conversations are quick; for example, “I just got out of my interview and I want to tell Carol how it went”— others are more complicated: anxiety about an essay topic, or a recommender who skipped town. In addition to the pleasure of getting to know you better through a call, phone conversations help us gauge how you will perform on your admissions interview, and provide insight into strengths and weaknesses in your verbal communication skills that we can work on and develop together.

The important thing is that we talk, and it’s gratifying to us — that you want to.

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