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MBA Bootcamp

Thinking About Business School?

Admit Success’ MBA BOOT CAMP could be your next best decision.

In a nutshell, MBA BOOT CAMP gets you prepared to make what may be a life-changing decision. MBA BOOT CAMP is a condensed version of our full school packages. It includes:

  • Our standard intake interview.
  • Evaluation of your school selection.
  • Professional/undergraduate experience and career objectives.
  • Eligibility potential at your schools of choice.
  • Comprehensive essay review.
Receive a comprehensive evaluation before you take on the business school application process.
  • Get honest feedback on how to prepare to do battle with other applicants vying for seats at the top MBA programs.
  • Find areas of strength you may not have been aware of.
  • Address weaknesses that need work before submitting an application worthy of acceptance.

We started offering our MBA BOOTCAMP to provide recent college grads with a road map toward MBA admissions success. The service quickly morphed into an attractive and effective service option for a broader range of future business school applicants including those seeking a career transition.

Like any training program, MBA BOOTCAMP prepares you to compete among a crowded and talented field of competitors. You wouldn’t start training for a marathon a few weeks before the race, and you shouldn’t think about applying to business school without being in the best shape to compete.

Who should sign up for MBA BOOTCAMP?
  • Executive MBA’s.
  • Candidates with technical backgrounds seeking to shift into executive management.
  • Candidates currently working in Operations positions.
  • Young entrepreneurs.

Sign up for MBA BOOT CAMP…………………………………………$900*

*A 10% discount will be applied to any Multi-School package for clients who sign-up within two admission years of their MBA BOOT CAMP.

Businesses, organizations, and schools interested in groups rates:

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