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IESE MBA Essay Questions

Given its small class size, diversity profile and programs located across the globe, standing-out for IESE’s admissions committee can be a frightening undertaking, especially when you consider an essay prompt that requires a ”tweet.”

Essay Question 1:

“Tweet” your post MBA goals. (280-character limit)

Bravo to IESE for having the “cojones”* to embrace social media as part of their application process. Given IESE’s international focus and appeal for international business school applicants, illustrating a desire to have a global impact is a must for this question, as is being specific in HOW you plan to do it.

*To the 25% Female Student Body: Sorry.

Essay Question 2:

Describe a recent professional situation (1-2 years ago maximum) that demonstrates your fit with IESE’s mission and values. (300-word limit)

“Situation” can mean anything as long as it helps illustrate your fit with IESE’s MBA. Talk about a failure that rocked your world and taught some valuable lessons. Write about an experience that uncovered your passions and helped define your career goals. Itching to mention the time you saved that big project? All fair game. Whatever you decide to write about, the key to success is specifically linking your “situation” to IESE, in terms of how you will add value to, and gain knowledge from their MBA program.

Essay Question 3:

I wish that the application had asked me… (200-word limit)

Whatever you didn’t write about in IESE’s Essay 2 goes here.

Same rules apply, although you might want to consider focusing more on personal experiences, or at least professional experiences that provide insights into you as a person- we’re talking values here.