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MIT Sloan School of Management MBA Essay Questions

For a school that has taught some incredibly outside-of-the-box thinkers who have launched some incredibly transformative businesses (Genentech, E*Trade, Zipcar), MIT Sloan goes overboard in providing concise direction in what they want to hear about from their applicants.

Before applicants even think about answering MIT Sloan’s two essay questions they need to give serious thought to the impact they have had on an organization, themselves, or others. Then, they need to think about how they want to broaden that impact to a global audience through their careers, and then tie everything back to MIT. And we mean EVERYTHING.

Similar to Kellogg the MIT Sloan Optional Essay is, in our opinion, not an option. And because this is MIT, applicants should STRONGLY consider flexing their creative muscles outside the confines of a traditional essay—be mindful of “fitting in.”