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Tuck Dartmouth School of Business MBA Essay Questions

“Getting to know you, getting to know all about YOU . . . ”

With two 500-word essays and a required interview for all applicants, Tuck is looking to ensure they maintain the tight-knit collaborative community that keeps their MBA program a perennial favorite. If you’re applying to Tuck, you need to start here.

1. What are you short and long-term goals? Why do you need an MBA to achieve those goals? Why are you interested in Tuck specifically?

A standard goals and fit with school essay, that given the school, necessitates applicants go beyond illustrating a logical short-term career objective and impactful long-term goal to really hone in on WHY TUCK. The required interview is enough of a hint to let candidates know Tuck is serious about getting to know their future student body, and if you’re serious about Tuck, you need to let them know you feel the same way about them. Research professors, clubs, concentrations, speak with current students and alum and scream it all back to them from the northern peak of Moose Mountain. Or, make sure you do your homework on Tuck’s offerings and write how they will specifically help you attain those lofty goals.

2. Tell us about your most meaningful leadership experience and what role you played. How will that experience contribute to the learning environment at Tuck?

Not only does this question provide the opportunity to wax poetic about a team accomplishment you led, (or anything else that involved rallying the troops around your vision)—you also get the chance to illustrate how you will apply those same character traits and skills to add value at Tuck. If the leadership experience you choose involved some challenging elements (and it should), make sure to mention how you will apply the lessons learned at Tuck, and beyond.