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Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania Sample Essay

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What do you aspire to achieve, personally and professionally, through the Wharton MBA? (500 words maximum)

My first foray into private markets investing was at XXX where I was exposed to co-investment opportunities spanning Asia, Europe and South Africa. To be based in one part of the world and significantly influence another was a surreal experience that left a strong impression. At XXX, I got deeply involved in two Malaysian infrastructure projects that reached a global spectrum of prospective investors. The experience fostered an appreciation of infrastructure’s universal importance for any nation’s sustainable growth and future. Post-MBA, I will pursue an Associate position with a globally-focused infrastructure group at XXX or XXX. I believe there are significant opportunities for private capital to step-in and rectify government under-investment in our aging assets in North America: as regulatory frameworks improve in emerging markets, I also look forward to bridging global capital with promising infrastructure projects in Southeast Asia that will help transform the region.

Through my cumulative work experience, I have established an extensive financial background from the strength of my M&A and debt transactions and exposure to the global capital markets from multiple perspectives. While this background will undoubtedly serve as a pillar for my long-term career, I need to further develop my knowledge base, investment analysis skillset, and gain greater direct investing experience to truly become a successful investor. Wharton is the missing piece of the puzzle.

At Wharton, I will add depth to my principal investing toolkit by pursuing an individualized major in Private Equity. Professor Bilge Yilmaz’s, Finance of Buyouts and Acquisitions will provide me with not only a solid foundation in financial theory, but also exposure to varied deal structures. This indispensable knowledge will complement my global markets experience, and serve me well when I need to adopt innovative solutions to access opportunities in markets with strict foreign investment restrictions. I am excited to band together with my Wharton peers on the course’s deal proposal project; it will push me to think like an investor. To refine my soft skills and leadership capabilities, I am also keen on Wharton’s Management courses. As a future investor, I will also regularly interact with multiple parties and stakeholders. Corporate Governance, Executive Compensation and the Board will help me better understand the other side of the table and manage those relationships effectively.

I am a strong believer in the power of mentorship. Hence, I recognize the unparalleled potential of Wharton’s global alumni base and its dedication towards guiding MBA students. At Wharton, I look forward to organizing Private Equity Career Treks with my peers, and arranging meetings with future mentors within infrastructure-focused teams. My mentors have had a strong influence in shaping my development. But I feel an even greater joy when I see my mentees grow under my guidance. Within the office, I have played an active role in training junior talent. Through Junior Achievement, I have positively influenced a new generation of students to pursue careers in business and entrepreneurship. I will continue to be a mentor to promising students and young professionals and I look forward to sharing the wisdom I gain at Wharton.