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MBA Rankings

MBA Rankings: What Determines the Top Business Schools in the World?

Now that you’ve decided business school is an integral part of your career plan, which, or how many MBA program(s) should you apply to?

Warning: Lower the volume.

There is no shortage of noise out there when it comes to school rankings — and business schools rankings take center stage.

2018 MBA Application Deadlines At-a-Glance for the Top Business Schools

While various “metrics” are “scientifically applied” to arrive at a “balanced perspective” when deciding MBA programs rankings, the only criteria that should be used to decide which school is right for your post MBA goals is the information you gain through research: talking to alumni, current students and (if possible) faculty; attending events and visiting schools.

For the most part, the same schools hold the five top spots each year, with the occasional interloper breaking into the fold for a year or two. If you’re looking for brand recognition, and networks that you think will make or break your career, chances are you won’t look outside the top five – and that’s our biggest gripe with rankings. That said, business school rankings can expose you to great fits, great values and better opportunities to achieve the ROI you’re looking for in an MBA program -if you look beyond the big brands.

And make no mistake about it- the marketing efforts needed for “top ranked” schools to stay at the top of the list also make it more competitive to gain admission at MBA programs that might be better fits for your career goals.

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